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Everything feels right but why is it all going wrong? I am at the top of my game so why is my wife unhappy? Why does my husband seem like a total stranger? These are some questions people ask on a daily basis. Too often we base our marital success on material things and not the spiritual closeness through the type of intimacy, which only God can give.
If you are like most people trying to figure out why your marriage is just not where you know it needs to be then this book is for you. Why Is There Famine In MY Marriage dives deep into some of the causes of marital famine that we think as just being part of normal life. You will have a clear revelation on how the simplest adjustments can be what propels your marriage to levels never before thought possible!
The book will not only strengthen marriages but help those considering marriage or revitalize broken marriages. What you take away from this book is up to you! Now take this leap of FAITH to bring back new life into your marriage of famine!